Evansville's Bi-Monthly Raffle
I. Medical Practices  Glossary of terms related to SMA
                Letter to professionals: By Amy Barnett!
             Seven Habits of Highly Effective IEP Teams
             Questions and Answers (By: Brenda Brames)
             Amino Acid Diet
                        Folic Acid: Eating for a healthier future.
                        Understanding Muscle Metabolism in SMA
                        Acidophilus: What it is and what it does for you.
                        In the kitchen at Crystal's school.
                        Other families words on the amino diet.
                        Creatine 1
                        Eating Well: The Vegetarian Way.
                        Vegetarian Diets for Infants and Young Children
                        Tolerex Nutritional Facts and Content.
                        How cells work: Enzymes, proteins, glucose...
                        Amino Acids: Definition in full.
                        Proteins and its anatomy.
                        SMA and Enzymes.
                        SMA dietary issues.
                        Nutritional support: Protein digestion & absorption
                        Notes from Crystal's when she first started it
                        Vitamin Facts
            Mommy Therapy
                       Speech Therapy
                                       Progress Report 10/19/01
                                       Progress Report 1/11/02
                                                 Progress Report 5/22/02
                                       Indirect language stimulation techniques
                                       Parent-child interaction language techniques
                                       Speech and Language for an 18-month old
                                       Speech and Language for a 2-year old
                                       Check your child for a speech problem
                                       Swallowing Disorders: What you should know
                                       What is a swallowing disorder?
                                       Helping patients with swallowing disorders
                                       Alternative means of feeding
                                       How family can help swallowing disorders
                                       Normal swallowing
                                       Types of swallowing problems
                                       What should the caregiver watch for?
                                       Dangers of a swallowing problem
                                       Causes of Swallowing Problems
                                       How swallowing problem can be evaluated?
                                       What treatments are available?
                                       What can the caregiver do to help?
                                       How to find a Swallowing Therapist
                                       Diagram of the anatomy of swallowing
                                       Dysphagia: What is it?
                                       Swallowing Problems/Dysphagia checklist
                                       Funny Faces
                       Aqua Therapy
                                      More of my horse's troft!
                       Physical Therapy
                                      Presentation of SMA PT: By Jennifer Majors
                                      Scoliosis: What it is & its different classes
                                      Scoliosis: What can be done about it?
                                      Scoliosis: Parents views
                                      May, 2002: Physical & scoliosis achievement
                                      Pulled elbow: What it is & how to help it
                                      Genu Valgum (Knock-Knee)
                                      Reach many ROMs in the same workout
                                      Joints and their movements
                                      What you should expect from a PT
                                      Progress Report
                                      Progress Report: May 20, 2002
                                      Range of Motion Listing with diagrams
                                      Handle your child with care
                       Occupational Therapy
                                      Letter from Aaron Campbell (power chair P/A)
                                      Progress Report: November 2001
                                      Progress Report: December 2001
                                      Progress Report: January 2002
                                      Progress Report: February 2002
                                      Letter of expectations for qualifying OT
                       Developmental Therapy
                              Progress Reports:
                                     January 3, 2001
                                     June 27, 2001
                                     October 29, 2001
                                     January 8, 2002
                                     March 3, 2002
                                     May 2, 2002
            Medical Equipment page 1
                       Other sites with equipment
                       Medical Equipment page 2
                       Medical Equipment Page 3: starring Anna Landre
                       Medical Equipment Page 4
                       Medical Equipment Page 5: Starring Bernie Ross
            Therapy Toys
                       Therapy Toys page 2
            Respiratory Care (Plus lots of links to Dr. Bach)
                       Crystal's Care Package
                       Postural Drainage Positions: For Chest Percussion Treatments.
II. Pictures 
                      Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5  
                      Fresh out of the closet!
                      Funny Faces
                            Crystal's Water History!
                      Conference 2002
                      Crystal's 3rd Birthday Party
III. Stories
           Can I call you friend?  
           Heavy Cross
           I'll do anything just to see you smile By: Crista Bairett 11/6/00
           Practical Gems of Wisdom: by Fuller and Jones
           Welcome to Holland: What it's like raising a disabled child?
           In loving memory of Sept. 11th, LOVE FOR TODAY!
           Great Truths About Life.
           Who am I?: by Terri McPherson
IV. Testimonies: September 10, 2001
            March 19, 2002 
            April 22, 2002
            May 15, 2002 (Tolerex)
            May 15, 2002 (Physical)
V. History
VI. Crystal's Favorites
           A day with Dad
                  At Dad's House
                  At Dad's House 2
           Respite Care
           Goodwill Family Center
VII. Favorite Links
           Functional Changes with SMA II/III.
VII. Resources
           Stephanie Price (amino acid diet)
           Mary Bodzo (amino acid diet)
           Dawna Seavers
           Krista Scurria (is a physical therapist)
           Sample P/A from Dr. Bach for Amino Acid Diet
           Dr. Richard Kelley (amino acid diet)
           Stephanie Price writes Crystal's dietician: amino acid diet
           Amy, an FSMA contact who is also a physical therapist
           Sandy and Bob (insurance and physical therapist options
           Chad & Angie Barnett: G-tube and sodium butyrate
           Ethan Barnett's diet
           Joshua Scurria's diet
           Jennifer Majors: Spinal curvature
           SMA statistics: Strength gain.
           2002 Conference workshop: Orthopedics with Dr. Grayhack
                     Thinking Positive: by Al Freedman
                     Accessible Housing: by Garrett and Naiditch
                     SMA type 2 under 5 years old: Talk it out.
VII. Anatomy and Physiology
           CALCIUM: And its importance in muscle contraction.
           CALCIUM: And its importance in nerve impulse.
           Anatomical Terminology
           Medical Terminology for common body parts.
           Organic compounds at the cellular level.
           Enzyme Action
           Oxygen: And its play in cellular respiration.
           Overriding a block in Glycolysis.
           Carbohydrate Storage.
           Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis.
                     Genetic Information
                     Genetic Code
                     RNA Molecules
                     Protein Synthesis
                     Protein Synthesis: Simplified
                     DNA Replication
                     Changes in Genetic Information.
                               Nature of Mutations
                               Effects of Mutations
            Gene Amplification: Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
            Interesting Facts.
           Factors Affecting Bone Development, Growth, and Repair.
           Types of Joint Movements (More ROM)


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