4 Year Pictures
Center for Courageous Kids


I'm ready for red hair

Talking to Lindsay

Leah's going purple!

Looking great, Leah

I like Lindsay, thanks for doing my hair!

Bowling with Trish

Yes Mom, I'm ready!

I don't need your help, Mom

Let me do it!

Going, going, it's a strike!

Taking a BiPAP break

Not feeling very well but still smiling for mom

Our room in the Blue Lodge

My bed in our den

Blue Lodge

The pool

The cafeteria

My friends, Nikki & Leah

Leah smiling for my Mom

My friend MJ

My friend Brenda

Lizzy and her boyfriend, Ben

MJ & Annah

Annah is my friend too

Leah doing flash cards

Ben singing to Lizzy

Mom getting artistic in the stables

Danny the horse. I got to pet him!

MJ got her hair dyed purple

Center for Courageous Kids
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