My Story

My name is Eden Kathleen and I was born on June 15, 2007. I was suppose to be a little firecracker baby, but I decided to come a little early.

Everything was going pretty good until my 8 week well check with my pediatrician...

Dr. Bush thought I seemed a little floppy and decided to have mommy and daddy take me to Cincinnati Children's hospital to see a special doctor. The doctor told mommy and daddy that she thought I had Spinal Muscular Atrophy or better known as SMA. Since I was so young and already showing signs I would be considered a type 1. Mommy and Daddy had a blood test done on me that confirmed this.

I've already had two hospitals visits. The first one was my left lower lung had collapsed and the second visit was for my nasal feeding tube. This third visit I had my gastric feeding tube placed. This will make sure I get my nutrition that I need to make me stronger.