Make a Wish Trip
Page 2


Hi Lilo and Stitch

Stitch is crazy

A Big Tigger Kiss

Just sign right there

Tigger has joined my family

Piglet hugs!

Give me a hug

Can Piglet come home with us?

Or maybe Eeyore can come?

Visiting with Pooh

I love Pooh

These whales are huge!

Daddy and I hanging out

It isn't Christmas yet, but here is Santa Claus

Telling Santa some jokes

Look what I got from Santa

More kisses, I just love this place

On a boat ride, this is fun

Mommy, daddy and I riding the boat

It's Cinderella's Castle

Look who joined us for dinner

More pictures

Isn't it pretty at night

You are very tall Shrek

Shrek and Donkey

Hey Donkey, what are you doing?

Let's play a game

Where are you from again

My dad wants this car

Popeye and Olive Oyl


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