Make a Wish Trip
Page 3


What are you doing up there?

Hi George

It's Curious George

You are very cute and funny!

High fives

It's the mayor

Kisses from the Mayor

My little Mickey

You made me hold them so they are mine!

One red drink and one blue drink

It's Cinderella's Castle

Mom and dad in front of the castle

Isn't it pretty

What is in here?

Making a wish

I'm going to make a pillow just for me

Look at my new pillow

That is one big doughnut

Can I have this or breakfast?

...or maybe this?

Sitting with Ariel, she is so pretty

Look at my pretty flower

I am so intent on watching everything go by

Who is coming down the hall

All us princesses

Sneaking a hug from Sleeping Beauty

You are so pretty Cinderella

Sitting with mommy and Cinderella

Sitting on Belle's lap

Look, princess kisses


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