One Year Pictures
Page 4


I love watermelon


I love my new hat, don't you?

Can I help you daddy?

No, don't go that way

In my box again

I found bubbles


This isn't working

look at all of this stuff

The day after my diagnosis of SMA

I need more water, here you can have this

Do you want this

I'm your local Halloween Bee

Its the Bee-Devil

What is that over there

My balloon

Big hugs

Oh no, my baby lost her hat and she is bald?!

What is that animal??

going for a ride

I get to ride a mule now

Helping me walk

Bee Kisses for you

Candy for me, hmmm, which one do i want

I love Kit Kats

Daddy and I at my Pancake Benefit Supper

Wow, I love pancakes!


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