One Year Pictures
Page 5


Lots of people

Some of the helpers

Thanks for coming

Why am I in timeout?  I really am not, but I  look so sad, don't you think?


I am awake now

Smiling again

I love cookies

Sorry, this is my cookie

Do you want a bite, I might share

Changing my baby

Give me a push

Turn right, please

Will you push me again?

Look at all my babies

How do you make it go?

I'm just looking...

Mmm, mmm, good!

There is one more bite in here

It's all gone

Our gift to Grandma Sandy

Merry Christmas

What is in my stocking?

A new baby

My new gifts

Big hugs

Shhh!  I'm reading!

I am going for a ride on the train

Look at what is under the tree


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