Caleb Patrick Alexander Duchaine
March 3 /2010 - June 21/2010.
May you rest in our hearts forever.
We love you very much baby boy!

This is not for the faint of heart but just know there is no pain that can compare. Don't ever take a day with your children for granted, hold them and your families tight everyday.

My baby boy Caleb ... You hold great meaning to us in many ways . The time I carried you I knew I was having a boy before anyone else knew . It was the first thing I told your father . I searched everyday for the perfect name ; I came across " Claeb " of which means heart and you are big part of ours as well as my soul... just like your brother and sister are . " Patrick " is the honour of your grandfather whose steps I pray your are walking along with . " Alexander " for of whom you are great . strong and powerful . The day I said Caleb to your father , he said , just like the name of superman that his father gave him in the start of the movie . I know the hardest thing I have ever done is letting you go , holding you in my arms wanting more than anything to hold on , in the end you were handed to your father in you final breath his heart full of sorrow , his arms full of strength and power . " Run baby boy run " we set you free to the heavens , seas of grace and the honour you so deserve . To look amongst us , always being a part of us . We are a unit , " a family ". We love you and miss you . I am very grateful to be your mother . The easiest thing I could do was love you , hold you from the beginning to the end . Even though there was so much unfairness of loosing you justice has been served to all those above who are blessed by your beautiful soul . I hold forgiveness of all you went through as anger holds no purpose . Caleb our son you are surrounded in great depths of love by amazing people and a strong family . You were surrounded in by amazing hands of life , honour and the great minds that did everything they could for you . You had a wonderful doctor who does so many good things for so many and honoured the grace of your days . the RT 's and nurses who gave you all respect. You have a father who is amazing , strong and my best friend. You are loved my dear as today we say goodbye to the life you placed on this earth . We are gathered to make peace and setting your soul free , as your father said, " Run baby boy run " free from here , free from all suffering . Watch over your brother and sister , we love you , we hold you in our hearts. CALEB MEANS HEART, MY HEART, ALL OUR HEARTS.


Heart to hand:
Caleb's heart to Enna's hand, forever connected

Our memories of Caleb

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