Gran and PaPaw     April 2nd, 2005



Here I am, ready for the wedding. Don't                 Here I am with Mom and Dad. Man we're a good looking

you just love the dress Gran got me?                    family!

It's so pretty!


     Here's me and mom. She loves me so much!                     And me and dad. Look at my beautiful flowers!


Here's Gran and PaPaw coming dow the isle. To the left of him are his parents and one of his brothers.  To the right of her are her parents and Uncle Mike


YUMMY!!!! CAKE!!!! That's always my favorite  part of the wedding!!!



Don't they look so happy together! I'm so glad they have each other.  They are both wonderful and deserve to be happy. YEAH!!!!

I even got to dance with dad. And behind us you can see Uncle Chris dancing with Elena. It was such a great night!