My Sister, Lauren!

About Lauren!
(written by our mom, Tina)

June 4, 2003, Lauren Hannah came into our lives, bringing so much added joy and love we could not imagine could happen twice in our family.

She is an amazing little girl and we love her so much for all that she is and all that she teaches us each day. It is not always easy being sibling to a special needs child, but she carries the role with broader shoulders and a greater smile than other children might at the tender age of 3. No, she doesn't always or doesn't often come first in her physical needs but she has always seemed to understand.

She is precious and precocious, beautiful and witty, strong-willed and spunky all rolled into one and we are proud to be her parents and Hayden, her big brother.

Lauren has had to hit the ground running since she was born. Out of necessity, she has had to learn patience and understanding and compassion. At the tender age of 3, she demonstrates all of these qualities. Often I worry that she has to play second string more than she should, and can't help but feel guilty that she doesn't get enough one-on-one. But, I also know that the qualities she is learning now, in her own home, are qualities that will make her stand out as a remarkable person in the big wide world. Not only are our SMA children bright lights in every sense of the word, but their siblings offer a tremendous foundation of support and love that only a sibling could.

Thank you for being you--a beautiful part of our lives!