Age Five
Page 6


Hanging with dad

Chilling with mom

Celebrating Mom's birthday

Waiting on Neurology to come in and tell us how awesome

So cold out here

Hello Cinderella!

That is one big pony...

They like me

Staying toasty

I caught a pink fish

This is how you do it!

Trick or Treat Street

The pumpkin patch at the
Special Needs Carnival

The animal farm

The little bunny


Hi, little goat!

Help! I have become a human goat magnet

That is one huge rabbit

Can I have him, mommy?

A llama that causes drama

He ate all the food

Hello little donkey

Having lots of fun

On homeplate

Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach

A cute little train

Digital Art - Picture #1

Digital Art - Picture #2

Digital Art - Picture #3

Digital Art - Picture #4

Hand in Hand for SMA
My Hand for B4SMA - done with my foot


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