Age Five
Page 7


My digital turkey

A car in van

Dad ready to perform a serious operation

Ewww, what is in there

This is some awesome stuff

Getting ready to cut my pumpkin

Let's begin cutting!

It's a heli-hopter

Next up, is baby pumpkin

Mr. Vampire Dude

My 2011 Halloween costume

Cardboard and hot glue gun....

Add in mom's steak knife


Finish wheels and we are ready to roll

Now the painting begins

Almost done painting

My uniform

Painting my car

My car

The final details

Lightning McQueen is ready to go

Even got the hat

Time to go Trick or Treating


I'm ready

My GPS unit

The coolest costume around

Family shot

Party time

What is up there?

Tooth fairy is a little late

Gavin's occupational therapist brought him back some traditional chocolate from Russia!!! Look at the face on the label. Did you know Gav was a Russian candy model?

That was sooooo good.


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