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Emptying the toy box to make room for me

Big mess!!! Including play dough, toast, a new book, and Owen's ViewMaster

Helping dry dishes

Alexander Boy, do you have enough sookies!


Are you sure it's Okay to rip the paper?!

Thank you Nana for the flashlights

MaMa...."Hold Still!"

Junk Food!

Powder play! The fog is powder flying in the air.

He looks proud of what he's done!

Ghost Alexander!


Syncronized sippies!

Kisses for Kaitlyn

My siblings

Two sick boys!

Getting comfort from each other, cause Mama was busy doing physio!

Rubbing each other's heads!!!

Silly boys all grins too!

New favorite thing to do...crawl through the table in the lobby!

Hi Mommy

Zoom, zoom, zoom

Reading together

Do you think we look alike? 

Can we go outside?

I'm growing up

Super Dora Boy!

Reading in the closet

He got me!

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