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Just sitting

Cut the boys hair again today! I swear every time I have to cut their hair I age them a little more!! This was the first attempt to get a good pic.

Them having a laugh at me cause I was trying to get a nice shot! BRATS!

Not too bad I guess!!

Owen and Alex playing AWWWW moment!!

Blowing rude noises into the leather couch.

These two are so much alike.

On the way to fetch the mail

AWWWW! He's still cute even though he's not a little baby anymore!

Alexander after he split his chin open. He had to be sedated to get the stitches in, poor guy. They gave him a grape popsicle for being so good!

The coveted Spidey chair. Alexander calls it the "cumfty" chair. He's trying to play with his die-cast cars without letting his bum leave the chair for fear it would get snatched!!

Alexander was busy drawing me a picture first thing this morning. He was awfully proud...pointing out all the colors and telling me all about the picture!!!

"Did you see the blue dump truck Kaitlyn?......Did you see the yellow dump truck Kaitlyn?.....Kaitlyn, did you see the motorcycle?...zoom..."

And a close-up on the carpet art....note the use of beautiful color!! And the tell-tale cars..identifying the offender!!

He went to grab the blanket and the heart and insisted that I take the same photos of him that I had of Kaitlyn!!

Look at the difference in size between his PAW and Kaitlyn's sweet little hand!

Watching a movie together

Exploring our new home

Playing with Owen

We're GOOD!

Just me

Our plants

Breakfast with my brother and the Freckle Face plant

Alexander the Wildman

Just some painting around the house

Santa came to visit

We had professional pictures taken
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