I'm a big brother!

I love her!


Hanging out with Dad

Trying to entertain Kaitlyn

Hanging out

Sitting with Kaitlyn



Hanging out

Owen and Alexander riding bikes, Alexander was fussing because he couldn't ride and sook at the same time!

Happy Owen

She is trying to steal my computer

Kisses for Kaitlyn

Going to school!

Three Happy Kiddos

What can I say.....the boy likes his "leaves"(as he calls them).

Hanging out

Alexander trying to be just like big brother! I had to make him a necklace like the one Owen came home from school with....and he was pretending to play X-BOX with Owen!

It's Spiderman!

Watching TV

Kaitlyn in my chair

Reading with Mom

Hanging out with Kaitlyn

Christmas stockings

Finally....Daddy set up the toys! MaMa's head's in the way...tending to Kaitlyn!


Thanks Nana for our flashlights


Junk Food

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