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Powder play! The fog is powder flying in the air.


Syncronized sippies!

Love my sister so much

Two sick boys!

Getting comfort from each other, cause Mama was busy doing physio!

Rubbing each other's heads!!!

Silly boys all grins too!

New favorite thing to do...crawl through the table in the lobby!

Reading with Dad

We love to read

Run, run, run

I'm so tall

Happy to be me

Reading in the closest

Playing with Dad



Cut the boys hair again today! I swear every time I have to cut their hair I age them a little more!! This was the first attempt to get a good pic.

Them having a laugh at me cause I was trying to get a nice shot! BRATS!

Not too bad I guess!!

Owen and Alex playing computer....an AWWWW moment!!

Owen apparently went to sleep reading.

Owen sleeping funny again.

The many faces of Owen!

More funny faces!

What a clown!

Me & my girl

Blowing rude noises into the leather couch.

These two are so much alike.

On the way to fetch the mail

He didn't quite make it!


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