Mom & Dad!

My Mom hangs out with me all day, we read, play, snuggle and she sings (I usually cry when she does).  When I let her have some time she's usually looking at this or that on the internet, she likes to read books without pictures , I don't know why, I think that is boring!  She mostly just likes to learn things, anything!  She's doing a lot more for herself now too, like exercising, eating right, and leaving the dishes for Dad.  She's lots happier now that she's finally taking better care of herself.   It makes my life easier to not have to live with a bear (teddy bear).

My Dad has a bunch of things that he really enjoys (besides me and Mom).  He loves to play paintball and play games on his computer.  I keep him busy when he's home though.  He's at work a lot, so I make him do things with me that take up alot of time, like giving me a bath.  My Dad teaches me neat stuff too, like boxing.  Dad is eating better and working out too.  It's a good thing 'cause everyone keeps telling me I'm getting to be such a big girl.  He's going to have to carry me around all over the place.  How lucky for him!  He'll always have a beautiful girl in his arms!

My parents met May of 2001.  They had a lot of common goals and dreams.  I was one of them!  They knew that they had to be together if they wanted me, so they didn't waste much time.  In June 2001 they had moved in together.

On the 1st of June 2002, my parents got married.  They had a small ceremony with family and only a few really close friends.  My Mom wore my Grandma Hunter's wedding dress!  How cool is that?  My Mom's Maid of honor was her best friend.  They made a deal when they were thirteen years old to be each others maid of honor when they get married.  When my Mom makes a promise, she really makes a promise.  I've seen their wedding pictures and I can see why my Mommy married my Daddy.  About two months before Mom and Dad got married their car broke down and they pulled into a farm house.  Wouldn't ya just know it, the guy who lived there is a singer.  He sang at their wedding.

9 Months:  July - I am my Mother's birthday present.  Great gift Dad!

August -  My Mom thought that she was pregnant on the 3rd.  They finally got a positive test on the 9th.  Mom and Dad agreed to not tell anyone until the first trimester was over.  I know that they almost let it spill lots. My folks bought me a car on the 15th.    

September -  I got my first picture taken on the 3rd.  Mom and a friend of hers started taking prenatal yoga classes.  Dad knew I was a girl from the 27th of this month.  On the 28th I finally gave Mommy stretch marks.

October -  Went to my first concert on the 1st.  My heartbeat was heard on the 7th.  On the 13th my Mom's family was told about me.  Dad's side was told on the 14th. 

November - Had another ultrasound on the 19th.  Mom felt me move on the 29th.

December -  We did alot of traveling for Christmas.  There was no snow on the ground, so we didn't mind.

January - My Mom's work made Mom stop working this month.  Her job was too hard being pregnant and they weren't willing to help her out.

February -  Other people started feeling me move this month.  I like to kick Dad in the back when he's trying to sleep.

March -  Mom and Dad started to get everything done to prepare for my arrival. 

April - I was due on the 12th, but I didn't make my grand appearance until the 23rd. 

23rd April 2003 - My Mom was suppose to be induced today.  She was very nervous the night before so she didn't go to bed until midnight.  Around 2 in the morning, Mom woke up from contraction pain.  There was something in her that said this is it!  She turned off the alarm clock, Dad was suppose to got to work.  Mom called Dad's work and said that he was not going to be there.  Around 5:30 am Mom woke up Dad and told him it was time to go to the hospital.  When they got here Mom was still only 3cm dilated, she had been for almost a month.  Around 8 am the doctor broke her water.  Mom felt yucky after that so she just laid on the bed or in the shower.  Right around noon the contractions that my Mom was having got really bad.  Poor Mom, she's so sleepy.  The pain finally got to her and she agreed to morphine.  It was a circus show in the labor room at that point.  At 1:20pm My Mom said she had to push, ! the doctor said she wasn't ready.  Mom didn't care after 2 minutes.  Mom pushed and pushed and finally got a brand new baby girl after 12 minutes of pushing!  Mom ended up with a third degree tear, ouch!  She also damaged most of the blood vessels from her chest up.  We both ended up with red eyes from the pressure.  What a long day! 

My Mommy as a baby.


My Dad in grade 4


This is a picture of my Mom.  Grad '98.


This is my Dad waiting to play paintball.


Before they were married


Mom and Dad on their wedding day, 1st June 2002.