My Journal-My First Year!

If you would like to read stuff about things that happened in my families life before I was born, I'll tell my Mom to include it under "My Family".  Anything my Mom writes is written like this.  Now onto important stuff... ME.


23rd April - Today I was born!  At birth I was 7lbs, 13oz, I was 20 inches long, and the time was 1:35pm.  The doctor laid me on my Mommy.  Her tummy was very squishy.  Then I got all cleaned up and then Daddy held me, he held me for a very long time.  I finally got to be held by my Mom again after she got all stitched up.  My Grandma and Grandpa Hunter came to see me as soon as they possibly could.  My Uncle Adam and his girlfriend Kim showed up not much after them.  What a busy day!

26th April - I finally got to see what my house looks like, we left the hospital finally!  WE had our very first trip, we bought groceries and went to Wal-Mart.  I figured since my parents are new at this, I'd be nice.  You see they forgot to bring a diaper bag with them, he he he.  My Grandma Drew,  Aunt Rosie and my cousin Jake visited.  

27th April - Grandma Hunter and my Mom gave me a bath at home.  I wish I had a camera, it was so funny!

28th April - Dad went back to work today.  Mom was nervous, but Grandma and Grandpa come over everyday.

2nd May - I'm 9 days old and I finally got to get some professional pictures done.  My Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Anderson came to see me. I also had a doctors appointment today.  I weigh 7lbs, 6 oz.  The doctor isn't happy, but Mom thinks I am perfect the way I am.

6th May - I started smiling today.  Right around now Mom and I started going to Wal-Mart everyday!  I got my very first pair of sunglasses.  They are so adorable, they are hot pink with hearts.

13th May - Mom and I started a postnatal class today.  It is called babysteps.  This class is 6 weeks long.  We have a lot of fun going.  Every Tuesday for 6 weeks.

25th May - We started going to church today.

1st June - Today is my Mom and Dad's anniversary.  Mom really wanted to get family pictures done today, I had other plans.  Grandma and Grandpa Hunter babysat me this evening so that my folks could have their very first night out alone since I was born.

3rd June - 6 week check-up for both me and Mom.  I am 21.25inches long and I weigh 9lbs, 1oz.  The Doctor is not happy with that, she also says that I'm kinda floppy.  We were then referred to a pediatrician.

4th June - At one of the local movie theaters, they have this really cool thing called Hollywood babes.  I'm allowed to go into the movie and cry all I want and Mom doesn't have to go to the lobby.  We saw how to lose a guy in 30 days.  It was good and so was I.

5th June - Mom finally got her family pictures.

6th June - We went to the pediatrician today.  She said I was really floppy too.  We now have to go the children's hospital to see a neurologist.  Whatever that means. 

9th June - We went to the children's hospital and they said I was floppy there too.  I had to give blood again.  The doctor told my folks what she thinks is making me so floppy.  She said Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  All the way home they were really happy.  They said because they had never heard of SMA before it was probably something that requires medicine and physiotherapy.  Later that night they hopped onto the internet and looked up what SMA is.  They cried for the rest of the night.

10th June - Mom and I had our babysteps class, she told everyone there.  She really hated that one class, they kept talking about milestones.

13th June - I laughed today.  Mom got a telephone call, and when she got off she was so happy.  Happier than she has been in almost a week.  As soon as she hung up the phone she yelled "it's not SMA, the DNA was negative!", then she leaned over me and said "this means you get brothers and sisters", insert my very first laugh here.

15th June - I got baptized today.  I met lots of family I hadn't seen before.

17th June - Babysteps class again.  She told everyone the good news.

24th June - We had to go back to the children hospital to do more tests.  The neurologist she still thinks it is SMA.  So they listened to my muscles (stabbed me with an elephant needle), then they electrocuted.  I was not happy!  I also had my first x-ray.  We barely got back in time for all three of us to go to the last babysteps class.  Once again my Mom had to give them bad news.

1st July - Today is Canada day!  Mom dressed me in a silly outfit and then my folks put on even sillier hats.  I was so embarrassed be seen in public with them.  We went out to the grandparents house to watch the parade.  If I wasn't crying I was sleeping.  It was the hats.  We watched the fire works and I cried.

2nd, 3rd and 4th July - We went back to the children's hospital. On the 3rd I have to have a muscle biopsy.  While we were there I gave lots of blood and urine.  I also had an ultrasound to look at my heart.  I started to teeth while we were in the hospital, but no one knew because of all the tylenol they gave me. 

9th July - Grandma and Grandpa Hunter wanted pictures done with me.

11th July - I started getting physio today.  I really like my physio therapist.  She sings to me alot.

16th July - We saw Daddy Daycare with Grandma.  She bought me lots of stuff afterwards for being so good.

21st July - Today is Mommy's birthday.  We had to go to the children's hospital again for a checkup.  We celebrated Mom's birthday with my great-grandparents and the nuns from their church.  While we were doing that I had a baby accident.  We went back to the house and my great-grandparents babysat while Mom and Dad went to Wal-Mart to buy me more clothes.  Before they got back I had my first breathing problem.  The ambulance was there when they pulled up.  We went back to the hospital where I shamelessly flirted with my doctor.

23rd July - 3 month checkup today.  I am 62cm and 10lbs, 13oz.

24th July - Got my first immunizations today.

6th August - We saw Bend it like Beckham.  My Aunt had a bridal shower today, Grandma Hunter came with us.

7th August - We were finally able to meet with a lady from Resources for children with disabilities  She was really nice. 

12th August - Went to the children's hospital again.  This time for an MRI, they wanted to make sure my brain was normal.

16th August - My Aunt Rosie got married today.  I got to meet everyone else I hadn't seen before from this side of my family.  I liked this wedding the bridal party wore red.  My favorite color.

19th August - I got real food today, rice cereal

20th August - We saw Legally blond 2 with Grandma Hunter and Kim.

23rd August - We went on our very first camping trip.  I was going to sleep in my stroller in the isle in Grandpa's trailer but it didn't quite fit.  So Grandpa was joking around and said to put me in the bathtub.  It was the very best bed in the whole place!  Mom doesn't sleep well and was up almost all night, she made friends with a skunk.  I'm glad he didn't want an enemy.

25th August - Tried oat cereal, but I didn't do too good with it.

27th August - We got a suction machine today.  It is loud, it kinda scares me, but it tickles when they use it on me.

3rd September - We watched Sinbad: Legend of the seven seas.

5th September - Someone that does car seat checks with the police came over today, to make sure I would be safe in an e-z on vest.  She didn't like it, so she asked my folks to try me in the car seat again, on a really low incline.  So my parents thought it would be OK.  Later on that night, we were going out to visit my Grand-parents.  We never made it to their house.  I choked on my saliva really bad, Mom says I turned a blue-grey, I was cold, my eyes were in the back of my head, and life-less.  Mom and I spent the night in the hospital. 

6th September - I went to my 2nd wedding.  Mom's cousin got married, and I was the center of attention, of course!

8th September - Went back to the children's hospital for another check-up.

11th September - Had some more professional pictures done, they came to the house, I thought that was cool!

12th September - I ate custard today, YUM!  That is my favorite out of all the foods I've tried so far.

14th September - I had a sleep study at the children's hospital.  I kept Mom up all night.

15th September - We left the hospital with a BiPAP machine.  Mom tried to make me use it every night, but my crying would win eventually.  I also tried apricots today.

16th September - We saw a new pediatrician today.  We also saw a dietitian, she was really unprepared.  Mom knew more than she did.

17th September - Watched Uptown girls.  We ran into all our friends from babysteps class.

18th September - Another round of immunizations, Grandma Hunter came with us, she cried more than me.

22nd September - Went to the children's hospital for a swallow study.  We found out that I aspirate when I eat.  Later that night we went to the local hospital for an ng tube.  Mom fought all night with the nurses.

23rd September - Mom was not happy with the hospital so we got the tube taken out and went home.  We had pictures done for our church.

24th September - Went to the pediatrician because Mom and Dad wanted the ng tube put back in.  But Mom had some conditions, the doctor couldn't believe that everything Mom wanted wasn't done the first time.  The tube was put back and we had to stay in the hospital for a few days to get my weight up.

30th September - We met with a geneticist today.

1st October - Had a conference at the hospital today, just to get everyone we see on the same page.  Went to finding Nemo, but I slept, I had a busy morning.  Later that night we went to the hospital and got an x-ray, 'cause Mom thinks there is something wrong, there wasn't.

4th October - Grandpa Hunter brought us back to the emergency room.  Mom still thinks there is something wrong.  Wrong again!

5th October - Mom was right after all.  I have pneumonia. 

8th October - Mom changed my ng tube today, I was very proud of her!  She taught all of the nursing students how to do it, and she didn't make me gag.

9th October - Finally well enough to go home.

15th October - We went to the children's hospital again.  I am getting a g-tube surgery and fundoplication tomorrow. 

16th October - My surgery went really well.  I had to stay in ICU because I was still intubated.

18th October - Extubated today at 9:30 am.

19th October - Re-intubated at 2 am. 

20th October - Extubated again today at 4:30 pm. 

21st October - Mom and Dad had to go to an ethics meeting to get a piece of equipment to help monitor me.  I also started on the amino acid diet today.  Not quite the AA diet, but as close as the hospital could get.

22nd October - Dad had to go home, he had to go back to work. 

23rd October - It's my 6 month birthday today!  I got spoiled rotten.  Dad came back 'cause I wasn't doing too good.

29th October - My folks had another meeting with the doctors today.

31st October - Today is Halloween, I got dressed up like a ladybug.  The doctor that was on call this week did an invasive maneuver to help me get out some of the stuff from my lungs.  Great-grandparents, Mom's Uncle and Aunt visited today.

1st November - I was able to come off my BiPAP today.  It was the first time in like two weeks.  Mom held me for most of the time I was off, that was really nice.  I was off for a total of 2.75 hours.  I have a BiPAP bite because my mask hadn't been cleaned.

2nd November - Off BiPAP for 4.75 hours today.  Mom and Dad keep telling me how proud they are, and how well I'm doing.

3rd November - I was only off BiPAP for a total of 4 hours today.

4th November - 6.5 total hours of freedom!  The doctors only wanted me off for 6 hours, but Mom helped me sneak another half hour.

5th November - The doctors think I've been doing really well, so I was off BiPAP for 9 hours in total today!

6th November - They started feeding me bolus feeds today, that made Mom happy.  But I didn't mind eating all day long.  I was also off BiPAP for 12 hours in total today.

7th November - Today was a really exciting day!  Paul and Liz Brant were at the hospital doing a fundraiser.  Mom was able to get them to come to ICU and take pictures with me. 

8th November - The doctors said that if I can do really good today, I can stay off BiPAP for 12 hours straight.  I did great, so I am doing it again tomorrow.

13th November - We get to go home today!  The ambulance drove me and Mommy home.  Dad drove the car.  I did really great!  Grandma and Grandpa Hunter, Uncle Adam and Kim were all waiting for me at my house.

15th October - 13th November - We had lots of visitors during our 29 day stay in ICU.  Grandma and Grandpa Hunter came up at least once a week.  My Uncle Adam and Kim came with them.  Grandma's friend Carolyn came lots too, her daughter Amanda visited also.  My Great-grandparents came about once a week, they also brought one of the nuns with them once.  My Great-uncle Snake and his family visited.  My Great-uncle Bill and his family came a couple of times.  My Great, Great-uncle Ernie visited lots too.  One of the local priest's came by for a visit.  Our priest from home even came to see me.  I was very happy to see him!  So were Mom and Dad.

14th November - Grandma and Grandpa Drew came over today.

16th November - We went to church today and surprised everyone!  We showed up a little late.  But when we came in our priest was so happy he almost lost his place.

17th November - Every Monday I have to get weighed.  Our babysteps instructor does my weight.

19th November - Movie time again.  Mom said that the movie that was playing she didn't want to see.  So she told me to be very good and we would see Freaky Friday.  Kim came with us.  After the movie we went to Wal-Mart, just as we showed up, I had a problem.  I turned blue.  The ambulance came, but by the time they showed up, I was OK.

24th November - We went to Zellers and I turned blue there too.  Uncle Adam and Kim was with us.  Uncle Adam drove real fast to get us home.

25th November - We saw another new pediatrician today.  He says this cold and flu season is really bad and he wants me to stay home.  I had to give more blood to be sent to Calgary so they could do more tests.  I didn't have fun.  I cried really hard, but Grandma cried harder.

27th November - We started physio again.  I also said "momomom" sort of.  Mom wants me to say "Mom" really bad, so when ever I cry she moves my chin.  She thinks it's funny.

1st December - We finally got our flu shots today.

6th December - Today was Dad's work children's Christmas party.  Mom and Dad decided to take me for a little bit.  Nobody was coughing or sneezing so we stayed for an hour.  That was my last trip out.

15th December - Today is Dad's birthday.  Grandma and Grandpa Hunter babysat, we had fun!

24th December - We got our cough machine today.  Mom was ready to do cartwheels.

25th December - Today is Christmas.  All my Grandparents came, so did Uncle Adam and Kim.  We stayed home, but it was alot of fun!  I got really spoiled, of course.  But so did Mom and Dad.

28th December - Today was my Uncle Adam's birthday.  Everyone came over here.  He wanted to celebrate with me.

29th December - Got my second flu shot today.  I don't think this is fair at all.  We also got a respite worker today, Kim.  She comes over when Dad is at work. 

31st December - Mom and Dad brought me outside to watch the fireworks, we stood on our deck.  I love fireworks!  Mom and Dad also woke me up really late for pictures.

2nd January - I was asleep when this happened, but Mom was really scared.  Late at night around 11:30 some guy used his key and got into our house!  He left right away, but it still isn't right.

3rd February - Doctor's appointment today.  He wants me to start getting regular blood work done to monitor my diet in more ways than height and weight.  The ladies at the lab took forever to take my blood.  They made me really late for my lunch.  I was not happy about that!

5th February - I got my first RSV shot today.  I really hate needles!

8th February - The nights of Columbus held a pancake breakfast for me after church.  It was so great to see so many people.  It is so neat to see all these people come together for me and my family.  Later that day, another group of people that my Mom use to go church with had a collection for me as well.  Mom cried a bunch today, she was really happy.

13th February - I finally cut my first two front bottom teeth today.  Mom called everybody and they came over to see.  I don't know what the big deal is!

14th February - Today is Valentines Day.  Grandma bought me a new dress, we had to go to her house for me to get it.  I think between Mom and Grandma they took a roll of film each.  Oh the things I have to do to make them happy!

20th February - I was on the front page of the Lethbridge Herald.   I think that my Mom has been wearing herself down over the last couple of days, she's sick!  Dad almost didn't go to work, but Grandma and Grandpa said that they would sleep over.

21st February - Global news was over, I liked the really big camera.  Mom said I was on tv!  I just want to know how Mom was inside the moving picture box!

26th February - I got my second RSV shot early in the morning today.  I hate needles!  So needless to say I wasn't very happy when it was time for physio.

2nd March - Once again Mom got inside that moving picture box!  But this time on CFCN.  Every time someone comes over Mom puts in a video with all the times that I've been on tv.  The only thing I hear for the next 5 minutes is "Kyleigh you are so beautiful!"  what, don't they think I know it?  The really cool thing is, is that if I give a little smile, they keep talking about how wonderful I am!  It's great!

7th March - Tomorrow is Grandma's birthday!  We went to see her tonight, just in case we didn't end up seeing her tomorrow.  Grandma keeps saying that she really wants family pictures for her birthday, so I told my Mom to get her a really big picture frame.  You should have seen the look on her face!  I think I picked the perfect present!  I don't like to be out of the house for too long so we couldn't stay too long.  

8th March - My grandparents came over for a little while before they went out for dinner.  Happy birthday Grandma!!!

11th March - I was on the news again today.  Grandma and Grandpa were here with us to watch it.  I was the only one that didn't cry!

17th March - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  Mom changed my g-tube today.  Mom said the tube was not plugged, but it wasn't working to feed me any more.  Grandpa came and tried to help.  All that happened was I cried, Mom cried, Grandpa cried, AND I was in pain!  Mom was on the phone with the doctor for most of it making sure she does it right.  I hope I don't have to do that again for a while!  I just found out that if it wasn't done today, it would have been done around my birthday, that would've sucked!  Mom and Grandma made me dress up for pictures.  I was in lime green bell-bottoms, where is the fashion police when you need them?  Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Adam and Kim were all over to help me celebrate. 

25th March - I had another RSV shot today.  Found out two pieces of bad news!  First, I might have to get that shot until July!  Second, my next shot is the day before my birthday.  Not fair!

2nd April 2004 - My Mom put me into my arm sling today and made me do really weird things!  She taped a felt pen into my hand.  So I had to draw her a rainbow.  Then for my next master piece I just made squiggles and triangles!  It made me really sleepy so I could only draw for about 30 minutes.  Mom put my pictures on the fridge!  they've got to be great if they are there!

10th April 2004 - Today is my Birthday Party!!!  There were a ton of people here.  I wish I could operate the remote control on my own, I would have been able to hear my stories!  Lets see...Mom and Dad were here, Grandma and Grandpa Hunter too, Uncle Adam and Kim, Grandma and Grandpa Drew, Great Grandma and Great grandpa Laczkowski,  Great grandma Drew, Danielle and Jayden,  Cheryl and Marv.  I think that was everyone.  The people that dropped stuff off but couldn't stay were Corrina Ford, Alison, Shawna, Jay, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Anderson.  I got so spoiled!!!!!  Lots of clothes!  Books, stuffed animals, books, money, you name it, I probably got it!

11th April 2004 - HAPPY EASTER!!!  This is my very first Easter!  It was so exciting, I am not really sure why, but there was lots of energy going around!  From the Easter Bunny I got a white chocolate bunny (I think Mom ate it), a huge pack of felt pens, 2 new books, a new pair of sandals, lip gloss, lots and lots of stuff.

13th April 2004 - Mom and Dad had a meeting today, so Grandma Hunter came over to babysit.  We had tons of fun playing a game I call "lets make Grandma's Hair turn grey!".  I had a bit of a problem when Grandma was here, my oxygen went down to 82.  But I was OK right away, Grandma moves fast when we play our game!  After Rob and I came home Kyleigh had a really bad problem.  Her oxygen went down to 11 and her heart rate was at 17.  I thought my baby was going to die.  Luckily it wasn't her time!  We worked hard and she pulled through.

20th April 2004 - My Mom and Dad bought me one of my birthday presents today, guess what it was!  (No, guess again...)  A house!!!  It is across the street from Grandma and Grandpa Hunter.