Thank You!

If there is ANY problem with the information on this page please e-mail me at  The names of the following people and businesses have contributed to our families well-being in some way, whether it be financial or emotional.  We honor you on this page!

Businesses & Organizations:
St. Joseph's School
St. Ambrose Parish
CUPE Local 408
CUPE Local 520
CUPE Local 1606
CUPE Local 290
CUPE Local 829
SMA Support
Knights of Columbus
McCain Foods Canada (foundation and employees of)
Children's CARE Services
Resources for Children with Disabilities
Catholic Central High School
Avon Canada
Sacred Heart
MDA of Alberta
Robert and Anita Hunter
Trevor Teasdale  1966 - 1997   
Corrina Ford and Family
Scott and Sandra Robinson
Mathieu Simons
Fritz and Beatrice Wuth
Joyce P. Miller
Willard and Evelyn Soltys
Gerty Heinen
Paula Shimp
Peggy Leible