3 Years Old
Page 12

Ready to see Dora!

Dora and Boots

I love Miss Louise

Eiffel Tower, Ohio style

Mom, I'm ready to go go go!

Little Bill, you're awfully big

I can't believe she kissed me

Dora, me, and my friend Emma

Watch out, I'm a fire breathing dragon

I'm a Viking, here to explore the island and claim it for the King

I'd rather be a princess...I think

I'm a pirate! Arrr Matey

YeeHaw I'm a long, tall, Texan!

Tweet, tweet, I'm a sweet birdy

Look at all my prizes!

Laura and all the kids!

Us crazy kids

Will reading to me

Pillow fight!!

Saving Daddy from the Spidey Trio

I want a pillow too!!!

Andrew, Lily, and Will

lovin playing with my cousins

Aren't we cute??!!