3 Years Old
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Superstar me at extreme home make over set!

I'm having a conversation with Paulie

The house from our SMA tent.


Mrs. Lousie with her SMA bracelet. Do you have yours??

Carrie, Haley, and I

our crew working hard

Me and The Executive Produce, Brady Connell

Leah and Director

Mrs. Louise, me, and Michael

Passing out braclets

Mommy's fav of the day

Me and Kenneth of FSMA

Hanging out with Shell, Mark and Travis Vickers. (Maddies family)

Passing time with Mrs. Louise

Emma doing great!

The finished project

Happy to be there!

Hiding from the sun

The heat is too much

Bronson Arroyo

Beth and Emma

Just hanging out

Meeting Paige! She's so cool!

Leah and Mommy's fav Ed

Ed and Paige joking around.

Nick keeping Cool.

Waiting for Ty

Meeting Ty

Karen, the builders wife. She helped us so much! Thanks!

I want my close up!!

The Akers going in their new house

Emma in the air conditioned tent


Loving the VIP treatment!

Our SMA Fighters!