3 Years Old
Page 14


At the Zoo

Ready to Go!

Me and dad checkin out the walrus

That's him

Watching a dolphin show

Lovin it!

It is HOT!

our family

Me and Papi.
We  look more alike than ever with my glasses.

Ready to go to the Museum

Here we go..

Me with Aunt Laura's favorite!

the New Batmobile

the silver surfer and Mommy's girl

Going for a ride in the taxi

Leah lovin Curious George

Can't get enough George

4 amazing kids
Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, Ryan White, & Leah Miller

Mommy & her big girl

Papi, Ed Norton eat your heart out!! LOL!!

Choo choo

Mommy loves this picture, Papi thought he was so funny sittin with the potato head people.

the room of mirrors, Papi with a huge head

and a long body.

our family

riding the elevator

the ceiling of glass

Me and dad takin a break!

feeling a real dino bone

Just my size

holding a bone

ready to go?? yup..

Mommy can't get over all this hair

Momma's girl

ready to go home