3 Years Old
Center for Courageous Kids


We are here - Center for Courageous Kids

I'm here - let the party start

My new bed for the weekend with a beautiful blanket

Let's go find the party mom

See MJ is partying already

Mrs. Louise and I

MJ and Brenda posing

My new friends the Murphy Family

Chatting with Lizzy - my birthday buddy

Dani getting her hair dyed

My turn

More, more

I am simply too gorgeous

Looks great Dani with those added sparkles

My present from Lizzy

Time to eat

Whatcha eating?

The dining hall

Lizzy, Annah, and I

Annah and I

I almost have a bingo...

Let's play BINGO

Look what I won

Mrs. Louise won - do your dance

The stables

The whole compound

Bring on the horses

Are they coming

Danny is ready too

This is Danny, he is a retired polo horse


Look, I am petting a horse for the first time ever

I Love Danny

Mrs. Louise loves him too

More horses please

Jacob didn't wake up to see the horses

I need a touch up

Thank you very much

 A star for Aunt Laura who is a superstar

Look at me painting

Crazy kids dancing after lunch

Chocky brownies - YUMM

My birthday buddy, Lizzy and I hanging out

Mommy and I

We are a great team - Mommy, Mrs. Louise and I

The Langland Family

Dancing with Mrs. Louise

Caitlin had a long day

Checkout my new hairdo

Part of the SMA Crew

Chase and I

Miss Lizzy

My friend Annah

Dancing with Christen

Tuckered out on the way home

I'm back from camping and sitting in the dark

We have power back, hooray!

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