5 Years Old
Page 10


Coloring Easter eggs

This is so much fun

Will's turn to do an egg

Papi watching me color eggs

I went to build a Bear and got BJ Bunny - she is named after MJ and Brenda who went with us.

Hanging out with MJ at the mall

Eli came to the mall too

Our crew: mommy, me, Brenda, and MJ

BJ and I have matching bows

Making my bunny

Giving BJ some loving

It is I, Princess Elvis-rella or Gorgeous Leah-rella

MJ entertaining Eli

OOPS!!!  I didn't do it!

We are just gorgeous

Should I get the pink dress or princess frog PJ's

Waiting for my Easter guests

Bella and Memaw

Eli and Aunt Laura

Uncle Sam, Aunt Randi, and Bella


Playing with Uncle Shane

Will and Eli looking for eggs

"Now, what do I do with these?" Bella asks

I love Easter time

I love my cousin Will

Having fun...but where are my shades??

Papi, Uncle Shane and us kids

Help!  Eli is squishing me

and now Bella is too

Happy Easter!

Family Easter shot

Aunt Laura with me, Eli, and Will

Picking flowers for momma

Happy Easter Momma and Papi

I love you Momma!

Playing for Gavin