5 Years Old
Page 14


Going for a walk with Mrs. Louise

My teeth are finally coming in

New cool summer outfit

Swimming with mom

Playing with Will

Swimming by myself

With Memaw and Vikki

Relaxing in the sun

Michael and his family

Kevin and Meagan


Watching the fireworks

Our new red rocket

At King's Island

That is not a real dog, is it?

Being cheezy at lunch

This dog is much better than the other one

Getting a tattoo

When can I get more, mom??

Our new friend, Juan

Playing games with mom

Playing with Mrs. Louise too

We are looking good!!!

Hugs from me - a Leah Hug

From Eiffel Tower

at King's Island

Where did we park, mom?

You can see everything

Can we go on that roller coaster next??

So much to see

On top of the Eiffel Tower

With funnel cake - YUMMMMY

At King's Island 2010