5 Years Old
Page 15


Weekend with Andrew

Kisses for Chelsea and Lily

Hanging with Chelsea

Me and my cousins

Mommy, Chelsea, and Lily

Uncle Shane wearing a bow...
doesn't he look soooo cute

At the zoo with the family....
wait, those are our relatives

Look at those birds

with Cleopatra...Andrew says no, go away

That is a close-up shot

What is that????

Posing for the picture

How did they get in with the fish?

Eli hamming it up for the camera

Just monkeying around

I'm underwater too

Mama and I

Family shot

Family shot with Lily and Andrew...
where did Chelsea go?

there we all are...I think she was swimming
with the fishes again

Aunt Laura with all of us kids

Uncle Shane, Eli, and Aunt Laura


Heading home

All of us monkeys with the rhinos

Dad and Andrew

Watch out Chelsea, that polar bear wants a kiss

My new chair

I'm so tall

Coordinating with my wheels

My parasol to shade my beauty

I LOVE my wheels

hanging with daddy