5 Years Old
Page 18


1st cake and it isn't even my birthday yet

Dad ate the whole thing

My birthday outfit - Princess Blues Clues

Momma's beautiful beans

Breathing treatment

My baby Phoebe

Go Buckeyes

Filled my new bookcase

True princess showing all her crowns

Eli and I just lounging around

Being goofy

Outside and feeling fine

Love my MJ and Brenda gifts

At Grimes Airport

At the airport with Brenda, MJ, and mommy

MJ and I

Hanging out with MJ and having fun

Looking at the planes

My birthday goodies

Eli & Bella trying to escape

I'm just UNIQUE

Lil' Buckeyes

Visiting the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
at Brumbaugh Orchards

Picking apples

Got my apple

Checking out the goats

Ready to take a walk

Storybook Forrest Woods - let's go

At Snow White's house

Captain Hook's ship

Beauty and the Beast Castle

I am with my King

Can you see me?

Having fun

Into the corn maze we go

Under the goat bridge

Down on Leah's farm

Dad and I are in the "Cool" Bus

Beep, beep

The Wheels on the Bus

I am one cool cookie

Family Farm Shot

Having fun in the pumpkin patch

It can be a phone...

a necklace....

A trach tie...

Playing with gourds is fun

A small pumpkin

Even earrings!

Shhh, there are lots of crazy people around

Having fun with Mrs. Louise

Having fun with MJ

All being goofy!


All having fun

Me and my crew