Happy 6th Birthday to Me!


Happy Birthday to me

Smiley Girl

Over 200 lip glosses

Got Trix...


Cinnamon Roll...
what do you have good?

I have Boo Berry...

Birthday Cake...

and Dill Pickle too,
Thanks MJ and Brenda

Nurse Christie got me this fabulous purse

Spoiled by MeeMaw

The table set for my big bash

Can we eat yet?

How about presents first?

C'mon Mom, let's do presents, PLEASE


Larry, Keith, Colline, Devin, & Connor  

Amy and Kevin

With Aunt Buffy

Vikki and I

Cake from Icing Smiles & Shalina's Cakes

Amanda, Gavin, Bo

Kathy and Olivia

My new friend

Angelie and Grace

Blowing out my candle

Laura, Shane, and Eli
(who really wants the cake too)

Sam, Randi, and Bella

Mrs. Louise, Lissa, and Tiara

Michelle and Jason

Des and Charlize

Bella is giving me the thumbs up

Aunt Laura's gift

Me and my family

With Uncle Jim

With all of my new friends

A visit from Mrs. Skinner

It is my birthday day so it is Princess Day

I even get to decorate my own cookies

Katherine came too

Aunt Laura wore her tiara

MeeMaw wore hers too

I am now wearing the tiara from Gavin and Bo,
thanks guys!