5 Years Old
Page 2


At the beach

Amanda and Mommy out for a walk

Our Florida family photo

Our two families photo

Watching the sunset

On the shore with our feet in the cold water

Jeff and the boys making me laugh...

It worked, they are too funny

Bo's lizard

pelican watching

I'm a beach babe

In the water with papi


Meeting Mr. Giraffe


Elijah found a lizard too

Happy Birthday to me!

Help!  Mommy was swallowed by a hippo

Dad, we are surrounded

Who is the bad driver

I think Jonah and I are ready for home

Mommy and I at Busch Gardens

Which one is real?

Watch out mommy

Present time again for me

Homemade cards for me

My other birthday cake

Everyone is blowing on MY CAKE!!

just remember, it is mine!!!

Hands off my cake!

See, I am a true Disney Princess

mommy and papi going parasailing

Our toes are in the sand

On the beach

I am so happy

Being so happy with Papi