5 Years Old
Page 3


Kisses from Papi

At the Royal Plaza Hotel

At Sea World with Shamu

At Sea World


Watching the Shamu show

Making a handimal picture

Isn't it pretty

Papi and I in front of penguins

Look what Mommy and Papi won for me

At Walt Disney World

I am here...it is Princess Leah-rella

Ah, my coach has arrived...

Trick or Treat

Kisses for daddy

Pooh and Eeyore

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all...it is I, Leahrella

Hanging out with Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

With Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip

Cinderella meets Princess Leahrella

Someone (me) is starstruck

Princesses Leahrella, Cinderella, and Aurora
& Princes Phillip and Charming

It is Tinkerbell

I love all the attention

Not so thrilled with Mickey

It is me in front of my castle

Princess Leahrella and her Royal Family

No, I don't want to leave yet...

Our favorite shop

We are in M&M heaven!

My piece of the mouse

Now presenting....Princess Snow Leah White

Hugs on the beach