5 Years Old
Page 4


Loving my gift from Aunt Amanda

Sitting up tall

Going green

My vacation shirt

having fun with Eli

My cousin Bella

Trying out my PRC EyeGaze

At the pumpkin patch with Eli and Mrs. Louise

My pumpkin

My pumpkin, all mine

Bella is eating her first pumpkin

It is Leah - Flower Power

So Bored...

Mommy and I

The bear is bigger than Bella

Aunt Laura and Eli

My manicure from Des

Lily the Mountain Man (girl)

Princess Leahrella ready for the OKI Skate Party

I'm so excited

Let's go mom!

Going to the Halloween skate party

Will and Andy are ready

We are all ready

Skating with dad

Happy with Batty MJ

Pops, Lily and I

Skating with Spidey-Roman

Loving my grandma

Helping Andy skate

Hanging with Emma and Nick

Some of the OKI SMA Kids

Hanging out with MJ and Dani

Me, MJ, Dani, Chase, Roman

FSMA OKI Halloween Party

Me, MJ, Dani, Chase, Roman, Karah