5 Years Old
Page 7


Her name was Amy but I call her Sweet Mimi Biscuits

Petting Mimi in the morning

The kitty guard at night time

Mimi likes to walk on me

I hear you behind me, Mimi

Guess who loves you??

Just hanging out and watching TV

Mimi must share my pillow with me

We are just too cute

My angel from the angel lady

I love you mommy

We are already best buds

My new fashionable shower cap

I love to pet Mimi

We don't say cheese, we say MONEY $$

Making cookies with gma

I decorated the cookies and me too

Bella wants to help too

My new Christmas apron

Snuggling with dad and Mimi

Presents from A Kid Again

Mimi, my holiday kitty

All of my goodies from A Kid Again

Mimi loves chapstick too

We have our "bling bling" going on

Mom, Eli, & Bella

Randi, Bella, & Sam

Nikki, Jim, and Will

Bella has to wear shades too

Merry Christmas dad

I am loving Christmas

Playing with gma