5 Years Old
Page 8


Enjoying Christmas Morning

Leah-rella's Christmas nightgown

Andrew with his transformers

Lily found the Christmas Bird

Lily, Chelsea, and Andrew

I got a bow from Larkie Lu's bows

Chelsea and I

Lily and I

All us girls hanging out

Aren't we gorgeous

It is Eli-deer

Dee, Grandpa, Dan, Michael, Ray, Mom

Happy Holidays

My new hat


Happy New Year

Still a Princess in 2010

Hungry, hungry hippos

First kiss of 2010

Taking down the Christmas tree

My outfit from Mrs. Louise

Elmo loves me

We are dressed to impress

My new track suit from Laura and Shane

We are having fun

Hanging out with Chelsea

Andrew is so goofy

We are two peas in a pod

Lily and I love to hang out too

MeeMaw and I doing our hair

Having fun with Will

They are putting their heads together to figure it out

My rock star bows

Look, we match

My new Larkie Lu bows

Little Eli-Pili