5 Years Old
Page 9


Me and my toothless grin

Happy Birthday Eli

Me and my mom

We are being goofy and silly

Our "innocent" faces

New bows

I love cuddling with mom

Happy Valentine's Day from all my SMA Friends

Lily helping us out

My valentine goodies

This is how my crazy cat sleeps

All for one and one for all....yes, my cat thinks he is a human

My rebel child shirt...designed by MJ

Mommy and Eli catching snow on their tongues

Look at my new ring, it is mommy's but I think it is just my size!

Hmmmm, I'll just ask dad for one that might fit me better

Hanging with mom

Hanging with Papi

Posing with Aunt Laura

Ready for bed...me and Mimi Biscuits

I'm ready, let's go!

Hiding in the basket

Still the princess...

Look what I made...Moose and Zee

I'm innocent...Nobody ever suspects me

I gave my Moose to Eli

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you

Eli wants my tiara

It is I, Leah "Green Bean" Jean

We are so happy together!

good night everyone

Beautiful Isabella

Hanging out with Bella

My March family shot

Going sticker crazy

We are crazy!!!