6 Years Old Pictures
Page 2


Driving through flat Kansas

With Colton and Larkin

Larkin and I are BFF

Thanks Michelle for hotel room

A little fridge in our room

Our hotel room

Out at the hangar

Hanging out with Gina

Dad and Skylar

I like Colton

Watching dad getting into the plane

Airport museum

Bye dad, have a fun flight

They are back

I think he had fun

Colton and I in the Briefing Room

Dad and I in front of the big plane

Gina and Larkin, our friends

My friend, Larkin

Girl talk time

Wearing my Larkie Lu bows from Larkin

Colton is so funny

Cheesing it up with Colton and Larkin

Sitting with Larkin

Mom and Gina

Smiling and having fun

Holding hands with Larkin

Look, we even match

We are BFF's

We have matching rings

The moms with us girls

Our dads

Goofy Colton

My Lolly Pop clippy

An art project to hold my clippies