6 Years Old Pictures
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Uncle Jim & Nikki

My teacher, Meghan, with Grady & Caelin

Gavin, Bo, Amanda, Valerie, & Wyatt

Posing with my buddies Dani & Colby

Uncle Jim, Nikki, & I

Mom & I with the Hoskins family

With MJ

With Landon, my boyfriend

Aren't we too cute?

Holding hands with Roman

Just hanging out with Roman

I love MJ

In Heaven with MJ & Roman

Mmmm, lunch at LaRosas

Let's go! It's time for school

Outside releasing our butterflies

With Mrs. Smith

My friends

Scarlett & I

Calendar time

I love school!

My friends at school

Can't forget the boys!

They are so proud of me

Class picture - May 2011

Singing "Ants in Your Pants"

What my friends wrote about me in the L book

and another page

Working on a class project


Helping out

Fly away butterflies