6 Years Old Pictures
Page 11


Hello little butterfly

Waiting their turn

I love butterflies

Working together

Posing for pictures

Having fun with the girls

Mrs. Cantrell

Mrs. Smith

Blowing on our kazoos

The T-shirt I made for kindergarten

Ewwww goat goobers

Mommy's friend

Eli not so impressed

Mrs. Louise & I - My favorite nurse

Family time

Just us girls

She's mine!

Feeding Ian

I won at school!

Hanging out with Eli

Memorial Day lunch with Jessica & Hailey

With Kacie

Kacie, Elijah, & Landon

Pops & Mom

Papoo is here

At Jason & Michelle's Wedding

Work it, Mom

With the Bride & Groom

Mrs. Brennan

Mrs. Cantrell

Meemaw, Ian, & I with my graduation certificate

Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Ulery-Smith