6 Years Old Pictures
Page 5


Ready for Chase's fundraiser

My new winter boots

My bracelet from the Litteral Family, thanks!

Bonding with Bella

The Anderson's at Chase's fundraiser

With 2 cute men, Roman and Chase

Got my bling on

Girl's night out = TROUBLE

Bella's nails

Eli is having fun

This Girl Totally Rocks

Mrs. Thompson is my new teacher

Our new bracelets

My Larkie Lu bow holder from
the Foster Family, it is wonderful

My Laurkie Lu boutique clip

Time for my fundraiser

Mom busy socializing

All the people that helped me

Mrs. Skinner came too

Hi Daddy

Dr. Boehmer and family

Mom and Aunt Laura cheesing it up

Ticket number...

The Langland's came to help

Need my lip gloss on

MeeMaw cooking

Soaking up all the attention

Need more lip gloss
I only have 247

My new friend

My band Taint