6 Years Old Pictures
Page 6


Thanks Brooke, Avery, and Steve

A hat from Penny, thanks, it is so me!

My new turkey bows

Mom and Ginny

Hanging out with MeMaw

Having fun with mom

Uncle Shane & Aunt Laura

Kisses from Eli

MiMi stole my chair!!

Mom and dad

Eating mom's sweet potatoes

Off to the movies

I loved the movies, we saw Tangled

I'm mom's Lil Luv Muffin

Just hanging out

Going to Santa Land

This is so cool

The little carolers

That is my headband, Eli!!

Giving mom the evil eye...
NOT him again.

Santa sure is happy, Eli and I...not too sure

My Sunshine Bows

Look what happens when I'm left alone with dad

Today I am mom's lil candy cane...
I think she is hungry today

Snuggle time

Mom and I made a lot of little men...

My Christmas goodies

My goodies from Mrs. Brennan and Mrs. Smith

I got 62 for Christmas and have 100 to go
World Record - Here I come


I got a Barbie doll

Time to open a present