6 Years Old Pictures
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Christmas 2010

My daily Eli wake-up call

Hugs from Eli

I got a hippopotamus for Christmas, Only a hippopotamus would do, Didn't want a doll, no dinky Tinker Toy, I wanted a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy ...And I got one!

Me and my cousins

The 4 bakers are ready....Christmas cookies here they come

Having fun times with Will, too

Mom with cousin Chelsea

The Royal Queen Biscuits

New jammies from Nan

This is MY I Phone, NOT mom's

My first Christmas Eve outfit

My second outfit

My family Christmas picture

Christmas Eve 2010

My picture with grandma

Uncle James and Will

Aunt Randi and Bella

My mom's family


Randi, Bella, Sam

Hangin' with Will