7 Years Old Pictures
Page 4


Party time on New Year's Eve

Happy New Year 2012

Cooking with mommy

Who needs frosting?

Princess Leah

The sledding princess

Awesome day for all of us

Loving it


Fingernails painted


Watching my favorite movie with my new favorite doll

When you're under the weather, chapstick makes everything better

Thank you Dixon family for all my gifts! Presents make bad days much better

I'm one exhausted girl

Being sick is no fun except for the snuggles with Mom & Mimi Biscuits

Stick-O-Therapy brings big smiles to my face, even when I'm sick

So excited to be out of my room and feeling a bit better

Thank you Gardner Family for the great gifts

Hooray! More Smurf stickers...and I'm not going to share

Little miss sick girl

Thank you Madison for my Valentine's Day gifts. I love them all!

Finally feeling good enough to get dressed

Making Chocolate Chunk cookies with Mom



School Skype Party

Valentine's Day flowers

Out to eat with MJ and Roman

Take 2

Dad and I camping in my tent

Party time

Got my candy cigs

Two special princesses

Lots of chapsticks

Wearing our hats from Penny

Making jewelry

Thinking of Larkie

My big girl haircut

Time to go see Dr. A