7 Years Old Pictures
Page 5


My new glasses

MJ and I

I am such a diva

Rice Krispee Treat Chapstick

At Noodles and Co.

Picture time with Sky

Out and about

Time to color Easter Eggs

I pick green

Petting a baby chick


The baker for the day

Happy Easter

With Lily

With Chelsea

With Andrew

With my cousins

With a bunny

Aunt Laura and I have to wear shades


Happy Easter with mom and dad

Mom and dad and I

Mom and Dad

Facial Art Therapy

Hop on Dad, let's go for a ride

Waiting at the doctor's


Time to raise butterflies


Powerchair trial

My new snakeskin TLSO

From Gee and Larkin

PushPop chapstick from the Sykora Family

My class

Mrs. Williams

A baby chick

Circle time

My friend Gregory