7 Years Old Pictures
Page 6


At the OKI Walk-n-Roll

Friends from Building Blocks

I won the Barbie Basket

I found my picture

Rolling with Leah

Missing Ricky

For MJ, with her sister

My birthday buddy

Smile, dad!

Our friend Michelle

With Roman and MJ

Do you like my new shades?

Team Leah

I won the Barbie Dream Yacht

I had a great day

6 months of Chapsticks

Feeding goats at Young's Dairy

EWWWW....goat goobers


Young's is just BOVINE!!

At Young's you're never too old!

Are we done yet with these pictures??

A picture with MJ

Bella is jumping off

The gang is all here


Mrs. Louise and I having fun

So delicious...

Bye, MJ!

Hanging out visiting with Bella and baby Addison

I Love Popsicles


Such a bright day.

Picked a beautiful flower

Enjoying the day

My new leg blanket