Age 1 Pictures
Page 5

Then I chose my next BIG pumpkin

So spoiled I had to have a 3rd pumpkin

I'm so happy

I love my pumpkins

I had so much fun today

Taking a late nap, I will be ready to party all night long

Waiting at the doctor's office

With my Pumpkin

It is so big

I'm so excited!

Surrounded by pumpkins

I'm momma's little lady bug

Hanging out in my costume

Chandler came to visit me

Teagan came to visit

Waiting for trick or treaters

Maddie and Madison

My curly hair

Saying my bedtime prayers


Ready for bed

I'm a Cowboys Princess

Little Pilgrim

Cuddle time

Over the river and through the woods to Mamaw and Papaw's house we go

Thank you Tracy and Smokey for my E-Z On Vest