Age 1 Pictures
Page 6

My first bun ponytail

Happy girl

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Holding my leg up, being casual

I'm just so happy, it is Christmas time

Making a funny face

Thanks Abrianna for the gifts

Thanks Lucy

Thanks Addy

Thanks Gaynor family

Waiting for my pulmonary appointment

Sitting up, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

I love my DaDa

So worn out

On the way to granny D's house for a few days so mama can clean and redo my room

In my new room. I love it!

Waiting at the cardiologist

Watching it snow for the first time

I love it

Looks so beautiful outside

My Valentine's Day sucker

Mmmmm it was tasty

Ready for my walk

We're outside!

Love being outside

Snuggling in Momma's lap

Mommy's home

I love my Daddy

Somebody missed there mommy today!!! Ignore night gown. Thats what daddy wantd to keep her in today