Age 2 Pictures
Page 2

After my bath

Some of my gorgeous teeth

Papa made this for me

Let's play

Time for church

A new mask

Enjoying the beautiful weather

Shh, Dad I'm watching the movie

Boring movie

Tired from the Doctor

Time for labs

Happy 3rd Birthday to my buddy, Lucy

Pretending to be asleep

Thank you, Addy, for the Repunzul doll!

My candle for SMA Awareness on August 11th

My baby cousin, Kadence

My new AFOs

My new mask

If I pretend to be asleep, can I not get my shot?

Waiting on my next appointment

Uh oh, I hear the doctor coming

Happy Big Girl

Cried and cried until I got my headband

Mama, please stop taking pics! If you want me to do good for pics you better stop taking them.
All fresh and clean and smelling good