Age 2 Pictures
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I don't want to do my treatments

Sitting up, tall and proud

Mama, I'm trying to watch TV and you are in the way

Milking a cow for the first time

Ready for my bath

Out and about for our family reunion. Wasn't going to take her due to it raining bt some lil girl thru a huge temper tantrum until I did bring her

My cousin brought me a balloon animal for my arm and I love it

Somebody came to visit and was such a great helper with Madison and wanted to give her a kiss

Maddie's first tattoo from her Granny D

Somebody just had to have a tattoo from granny d and had to wear her bella earrings and ring. Guess she's starting to feel some what better

Smiling and tryin to wake up

Somebody is awake!!!!!

Already wanting mickey mouse

Liking having my hair brushed

I'm all of a sudden ticklish during spa time

I love having my hair braided

Gettin my hair washed and gonna have a spa and hair day

So happy

Got my hair washed and rebraided today!! Mama says I'm getting more spoiled the more I'm here

Mama's angel girl

Very good mood

Ready to bust out of here

Less than two minutes after leaving the hospital parking lot

Smiling with my tongue out

Mad at Mama for giving me a bath and washing my hair


Mama's little doodlebug