Matthew's Photos Page One!


Matt and Whitney

Here is a picture of Matthew about 8 months old before we knew he had SMA.  He wouldn't bear weight on legs or roll over, crawl, scoot, nothing!  We thought he was taking his time.  He seemed to be normal with this exception.  We thought he was just going to be easy-going like his Daddy.


Matt and his sissy Whitney before we knew he had sma.


Here is a picture of Matthew 2 1/2 yrs old at a hockey game in WA .We went to raise money for the MDA.  Matthew dropped the puck to start the game. I was more nervous than he was walking out on the ice pushing his chair. His big sister went with us also.


3 yr old Matthew at woodshop at Home Depo with his sister in the background. This is so fun for the kids and it was all free once a week.

Matthews little friends are Austin, Randy and Thomas.
They made a Buzz Lightyear Christmas tree and brought it on Christmas Day 2000.  Matthew loves Toy Story as most kiddos do.  Kevin and Debbie and the kids were a great support during this very difficult time.


Mommy and sister Whitney and Matthew making huckleberry jam for Christmas presents.We had tons of fun that day and made lots of messes.


This is Matthew leaving Sacred Heart Hospital, on the 26th of Dec 2000. The day after Christmas.  He was very happy to go home to open Christmas presents.

Matthew, Mommy and sister Whitney.
Waiting in the lobby at Sacred Heart Hospital for Daddy to pick us up.  After living at the hospital for week, we were so excited to be going home!