Mommy Please Don't Cry

Mommy please don't cry
I really had to go
Please tell Daddy I love him
The way he loves me so.
There are no tears in heaven
There's no such thing as sorrow
There are no painful illnesses
Only the brightest of tomorrows.
Oh Mommy!  You should see it
It's as beautiful as you.
Oh Daddy!  It's so wonderful
You'll know this some day too.
There are children dancing everywhere
Through flowers of all kind
With puppies pouncing at our feet
Can you see it in your mind?
There are never any clouds up here
Only the bluest skies above
The sun shines brightly overhead
As angels sing songs of love.
There is no such thing as wishing
For everything is here
And Jesus gives us hugs all day
To cast away our fears.

You know I'll always be with you
Wherever you may go
May the memories of my twinkling eyes
Give you courage and strength, together, to grow.
You both took such good care of me
In my short time there on earth
I hope you know and understand
What yourl ove, to me, was worth.
I know your heart may hurt at times
And it's difficult not to cry
But just imagine me with wings
As an Angel...I can fly!
The best parents in the whole wide world
You gave ten lifetimes of love and joy
Your smiling and comforting filled me up
I'm so happy God made me your baby boy!
So Daddy, don't let Mommy cry
'Cause if she does, you might.
Just tell her that I'm safe and sound
Dreaming of you both tonight.

Written by Donna Martin

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