You came, not as a planet to orbit this earth learning it's often hard and sometimes happy lessons-
No, you came as a shooting star.

Were those lessons already learned?
You came as an illuminator-a teacher in diapers.
And you taught us all-so much!

As mothers our empathy evoked deep feelings of compassion and helplessness-we learned our tears couldn't wash away the writing on the wall.

But your light shone most brightly for your parents David and Lisa.  That light shined into the depths of their despair, their anger at the universe, their sadness and brought forth more strength than they probably knew they possessed.  You came into the lives of two people who were committed and sealed the bond between them.  Without that bond they could not have provided the constant, total and very loving care which you received every day of your life.

Matthew, you came here a star, but you left as an angel.   Only an angel could be blessed with a life filled only with pure love.

We thank you for your brief visit.  We hope the lessons you have taught us will live on in our hearts.  We will never forget you.

May you find as much peace as the love you left behind.



Written by Patricia Hassett 1/7/99


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